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In an empty house

The bed unmade in the tenor
of our last quarrel, when my guilt
shattered against a brick wall

Like the shards of a fun house mirror
the faces bloated, sucked, thin
fat, tall, short, crazy, delirious, demented

I wonder which was the real me
the dog yet un-fed, the pillow unslept
the taste of your skin undone

From moonlight and orchids
evening mist and morning dew
my fingers that caressed your song

From the trill of the last free lark
the howl of the first wild wolf
or the flicker of an old oil lamp

Could I ever distill your absence –
your presence and all that’s lost
between the two, lost between us…

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It’s raining—just a drizzle that washes everything anew, leaves are greener, flowers more fragrant, birds chirping. It is the kind of weather that makes one want to smile at strangers. Yet, here I am cooped up for a meeting in a 20 by 20 conference hall. The fake chill of an air-conditioner, the ghastly glow of computers, drowsy faces and stifled yawns fill the room.


from curb to curb…

sparrow song



Publishing Credits – Haibun Today Dec 13