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It’s raining—just a drizzle that washes everything anew, leaves are greener, flowers more fragrant, birds chirping. It is the kind of weather that makes one want to smile at strangers. Yet, here I am cooped up for a meeting in a 20 by 20 conference hall. The fake chill of an air-conditioner, the ghastly glow of computers, drowsy faces and stifled yawns fill the room.


from curb to curb…

sparrow song



Publishing Credits – Haibun Today Dec 13


4 thoughts on “Awakening

    • Thank you so much Himani for taking out the time to read the post and to comment, don’t we – the poets, authors, creators…live (beyond the obvious of creating because that’s the only way we know how to breathe) to know that our words stirred something inside someone

  1. Sitting and reading this at office, I can’t help but agree with the prose, with a yawn for emphasis. The haiku adds to what I’m missing, the song in/of nature. Melancholic, as Himani puts it.

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